Analyses and forecasts of load profiles of large-scale energy consumers

Energy prices, climate change, the energy transition are timely and economically highly relevant issues for everyone. Large-scale consumers are facing big challenges in optimizing their load profiles and expanding their own energy production by installing, for example, on-site PV power plants.

Austro Control Digital Services is partnering with operators of critical infrastructure and industrial customers to reduce their energy costs and balancing costs. To this end, Austro Control Digital Services’ expertise in data science, weather, and reliable machine learning algorithms is employed in a two-step procedure.


A load profile analysis delivers detailed insights into a user’s consumption profile including the determining factors relating to their operations or external parameters. At this stage, Austro Control Digital Services can tap into its innovative tools of data visualization, developed and refined in projects with reference customers. Oftentimes, the load profile analysis alone suffices to reveal potentials for cost reduction, for instance, with regards to optimized load management.


The detailed load profile analysis lays the groundwork for optimal load predictions. Austro Control Digital Services works closely with consumers to fine-tune its predictions on all factors of influence. This includes incorporating operational data, generators and significant consumption units (such as air conditioning) as well as weather and energy prices. With these tools at hand, Austro Control Digital Services’ customers are best equipped to reach their energy management and energy cost reduction goals.

LASTPROFILOPTIMIERUNG Multifaktorialität Im Lastprofil Durch Innovative Visualisierung Entschlüsselt
Multiplicity of factors in a consumer’s load profile, deciphered with innovative visualization techniques
LASTPROFILOPTIMIERUNG Optimierungspoteniale Klar Aufgezeigt
Clear indication of optimization potentials
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