Detection of anomalies in the Austrian wind power production

The accelerating expansion of renewable energy resources brings about unimagined challenges in every aspect of the energy system. Besides the need for faster project development and efficient operations of existing power plants, transmitting the produced energy through the power grid is key to accomplishing the goals of a rapid energy transition.

Austro Control Digital Services and the Austrian transmission system operator Austrian Power Grid are working towards a system monitoring all of Austria’s national wind power production. The system utilizes SCADA data from > 500 wind turbines, linking them up with current weather data and market data to detect deviations from normal power production and attribute their causes in real time. Since 2021, the system has been capturing a range of situations, including cases of large-scale turbine icing, found to be one of the most significant disruptors in Austria.


Turbine-scale analyses and predictions provided by Austro Control Digital Services are being aggregated by Austrian Power Grid using interactive graphical user interfaces and incorporated into the alerting system for grid surveillance across the country. For 2025, the system is set to reach a coverage encompassing all of Austria’s wind turbines (> 1400 turbines or > 3.9 GW of installed capacity).

ECHTZEIT MONITORING Exakte Erkennung Von Erzeugungsanomalien
Turbine-scale detection of production anomalies
ECHTZEIT MONITORING Visualisierung Der Analysen Von Austro Control Digital Services Im System Von Austrian Power Grid
Visualization of ACDS’s analyses in the surveillance system of Austrian Power Grid
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